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Client Portal

Please click below to log into your secure client portal.

Client Portal


Client Portal FAQs

What is the client portal?

The client portal is a means of securely transferring documents between you and your tax preparer.

Why would I want to provide documents to Porter & Yee CPAs this way?

The client portal greatly enhances the security of data transmittal.  With identity theft and similar crimes on the rise, sending documents with sensitive personal and financial information via mail, email or fax is not generally secure.  All files are encrypted on the client portal, to protect your information and documents.

Who will have access to my files?

Only you and Porter & Yee CPAs will have the ability to view and download documents that you or your tax preparer have uploaded to the portal.  No information about you or your documents will be visible to any other portal user.

How can I access the portal?

If you have not already received an invitation email, please contact us and request an invitation.  The invitation email contains a temporary password for your first login.  On your first visit to the portal, you will create your personal password.  Porter & Yee will not have access to your password.  On subsequent visits, go to to log in.  Our newly enhanced website also features a link to the portal.

What if I forget my password?

The portal contains a “Forgot Password?” link on the login screen.  Click the link to begin the process of resetting your password.  Porter & Yee will not know your password and cannot retrieve or reset it.

What if I change my email address?

Please contact our office if you change your email address.  We will need to update your email address in our system before you can access the portal with the new email.

How will I know Porter & Yee has sent me a document?

You will immediately receive a notification email whenever we upload a document for you to the portal.  Likewise, your tax preparer will receive an email when you upload a document.

May clients continue to provide documents to Porter & Yee via mail, email, or fax?

Yes, but be aware that these methods are not generally secure.

What if I don’t want to use the client portal?

For now, use of the client portal is optional.  However, in the near future we anticipate only providing documents to our clients through the portal or in person.

What if I have separate business tax returns prepared by Porter & Yee in addition to my individual return?

You may use one email to provide or receive documents for all of your tax returns.  If you wish to have a separate login for your business return, using a different email address, please contact us.